Senior Health Activities

senior man fitnessStaying fit when you enter into your older age can become a very difficult and sometimes impossible task. Your joints will cause you a lot of pain and the decreased activity will result in muscle loss making every day activates like walking painful. A great way to help stay active and healthy when we get older is to make sure that we continue moving. Even the slightest exercise can help increase muscle mass in seniors. I have come up with a few activities that all seniors can do unless limited by health issues. Make sure you talk with your doctor before starting these activities.


As we get older the normal exercises like running and jogging can be impossible and that is why I suggest that you at least once a day you go for a walk around your neighborhood. If you are able to walk for thirty minutes to an hour then that would be ideal, but if you are only able to do ten to fifteen minutes then that is ok to.  Over time you will be able to build up stamina and you may be able to get to that thirty to an hour mark.

Home Maintenance

Cleaning and home improvements are a great way to help seniors stay active. Rather than sitting around and building a puzzle or watching TV you should do something that requires you to move constantly for an hour or so. This is a great technique for staying in shape because you will be improving your home and increasing your overall health. You just want to make sure that you don’t over exert your body because this could cause harm to your body.


Take the time to work on a small garden or flower bed because this will help increase exposure to fresh air and increase body movement. This is a great activity because you are not doing any activates that are super strenuous but at the same time you are performing health building acts.

It is important that when conducting any of these activities that you have a spotter. Just like when you were younger and had to have someone spot you while lifting heavy weights. The same applies for these activities because as small as they seem they are very strenuous on your body. If you don’t have any friends or family members to help you with these activities then contact Seniors Helping Seniors for their senior care services. This company matches you up with a close in age senior and this person can help you complete all of these tasks.

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Fun Activities to Get Kids Moving!

daycare | Child care | Pebble Creek | New Tampa FLI have been in the daycare business  for many years now and one issue I find working with lots of kids is trying to help them become more physically active. With the ever growing presence of obesity, we must all fight to keep our children moving about and getting the exercise their mind and bodies need. Through my experience and online research I have come up with some great ways to keep our little ones healthy. Sometimes their attention spans can drift off fairly easily so it’s important to make the activities fun and engaging to where they actually enjoy exercising. I feel it’s also important to explain to them, while they exercise, a little bit about the different movements they do and the muscles and bones they use. This not only educates them on how to properly exercise with good form but it also helps them further explore their bodies and the extent of their capabilities. You have to push them but not too hard because that could result in failure as well.  Every child that walks through my daycare is different so it is important to help every kid to their individual needs.

Now on to the good stuff! The first and most obvious activity is taking the kids out to the playground. Our child care facility in New Tampa is equipped with a very exciting play ground that encourages the kids to run, jump, climb, crawl, and most importantly, play. Another great and easy activity to do with the children is run them through races. This also introduces them to competition, where they will learn and develop ways of dealing with winning or losing. If you’re looking for another cheap way to generate some exercise in your day care, then buy a couple hula-hoops. They are fun great way to build core strength while working on syncopation and coordination. Jump Ropes are also great for teaching kids rhythm and if you add a song to sing you can work on multitasking.

child care | Best day care in New tampa | pebble creek FLOne of my favorite activities when I was little was going through obstacle courses. You can even have the children help you pick and set up each obstacle. Having a step latter is great for building foot work and improving their agilities. Let’s not forget about wheelbarrow races, crab walk races, scavenger hunts, red light-green-light, tag and bear-walk races.

Make sure to try out many games with your child care and pay attention to the ones the kids like the most. If you make them happy, they will be more prone to enjoying exercise in the future.

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Reason For Seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon

sore knee before surgeryAs the years go by, staying active is getting to be increasingly challenging. I can’t do all the things I always took for granted easily anymore. Some activities like running or riding a bicycle are near impossible for me now. The biggest problem im having is with my knee. Movement is becoming increasingly painful there and my flexibility is lacking too. Its always been a problem since I injured it playing soccer when I was younger but it has never been bad enough to warrant too much concern or a doctor’s visit over. I guess the injury finally caught up to me after all these years.

I went to the doctor and he seemed to think it was bad enough to see a knee and hip replacement specialist to take a look at it. So not long after my initial appointment I had another one with an orthopedic surgeon in Hanover Virginia named Dr. Dalton. The doctors appointment went very well, it was nice to have a consultation with someone experienced in diagnosing and repairing my specific injury. We discussed the option of surgery, something im probably going to need before long; and when I do, ill get him to perform it.

With a lot more information about the injury I had I began looking for ways to do all I could before the date of the surgery. There were a few different things I was going to test out to see if I could strengthen my knee. After all, when you get to be my age you need to learn how to take care of yourself.

  • Fish oil pills
  • Daily Stretching
  • Swimming

fish oil pills for jointsI read fish oil was a great natural supplement that helps your joints stay lubricated so they don’t experience as much wear and tear.

stretching my legs before a walkWith these pills I also decided I would make a daily stretching routine mostly for my legs. I found this to be both very helpful and relaxing.

Swimming is something I haven’t done in swimming in the pool to help my kneeyears but my knee and hip doctor told me it was the best form of exercise for people experiencing soreness. It helps you build muscle in a safe and low impact way.

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First Row Sports with the Family

Sports has always been a big part of my family. Ever since I can remember it has been a bonding experience between member of the family.  Even we are cheering for different teams it brings everyone together and it’s the one form of entertainment we can always agree on. When it comes to sports in our family, we like to watch everything. So being time for the NBA playoffs of course we all gather around the television to watch the games together.

During the regular season I admit I am more of a casual fan and unlike other sports I don’t really have a team I pull for from the beginning. This year however, with my busy work schedule, I have not always been near a tv when it was time to watch the games. Thankfully, in the modern age of the internet I don’t ave to be at home to catch the most exciting NBA games or other sporting events for that matter because I have first row sports streaming live with the bring me sports toolbar.

This website is probably the best option for people who either cannot make it to watch the big game or simply want to watch their favorite sports on a more portable device like a laptop or tablet.  What really impressed me the most was how anything I wanted to watch was available, even boxing and tennis matches.

While nothing beats the environment of being at a live game, or even packed around the living room with my sports fanatic family, first row tv sports is as good as it gets as an alternative. Check it out for yourself today.

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What is Orthopedic Surgery

Our joints are extremely complex mechanisms that are capable of doing incredible tasks from supporting heavy movements utilizing large muscle groups on either side of the joint to delicately manipulating writing utensils and surgical devices. Orthopedic surgeons are medical specialists that dedicate their vocational lives to understanding how they can restore patients joints to working order so they can get the most use out of the bodies while staying as pain free as possible.

The common suggestion is to exhaust all minimally invasive or nonsurgical remedies until procedures like arthroscopy or joint replacement are considered. Conditions that might lead you to seek out an orthopedic surgeon include:

  • Arthritis of the hands, shoulder, wrist
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Trigger Finger
  • Cysts
  • Work and Sports related injuries
  • deQuervain’s Tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel

Most conditions and injuries can be treated with rest, medication, splints, and physical therapy. The human body its own best regulator and can do a lot when shown how to strengthen and care for joints by a professional. However, when orthopedic surgery is required, don’t hesitate to trust the advice of your physician and take that next step. It could be the ticket to a pain free active lifestyle.



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Taking Care of Yourself and a Senior

Being a caregiver can be stressful and even take a toll on your personal health. When you are focused and consumed by the needs of someone else, it is easy to put your own needs aside. Many caregivers spend so much time and effort with their dependent that they forget to exercise or lose time to cook nutritious meals for themselves and rely on fast food instead.

One way to stay healthy when you have limited time is to combine your exercise with the person you are taking care of. Take them for a spin in their wheelchair while you take a fast paced walk, especially if you live somewhere with a temperate climate like Omaha, Nebraska. This gets both of you the fresh air you need and can get your heart rate going. Depending on the health state of your loved one, you could also take them to a physical therapy pool and do exercises together.

Another thing to remember is healthy eating. You may be too busy shuttling back and forth to take the time to cook for yourself. Remember that nutritious food does not always have to take a long time to prepare. Make sure you always have protein bars on hand and make some smoothies or salads for nourishment. Avoid the quick fixes like fast food and pizza.

If taking care of someone else and your own family is getting to be too stressful, consider asking for help. Nursing homes and assisted living can be expensive, and the relocation puts much stress on you and your relative. Use a service for senior care where you can pay a small fee to have a provide check in on your loved one. This way, you can still visit and help out while taking some time for yourself and your own personal health.

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Poor Air Quality

Every day we are breathing in harmful toxins that are floating through the air. This is how we sometimes get sick or even contract respiratory diseases. It is important that we are always monitoring the air quality of where we live and work so that we can prevent getting sick or contracting respiratory problems. There are many warning signs that the air you are breathing could be harmful to your body and you need to stay vigilant and look out for these signs. By preventing the breathing in of harmful toxins you will increase your life expectancy and your cardiovascular capacity will be improved. The signs of poor air quality include:

Occurring Symptoms

Symptoms of poor air quality include coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, dizziness, headaches, or congestion. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you may be in an area of poor air quality. If you have asthma then poor air quality could drastically decrease your breathing capacity and you will find it even more difficult to breathe in these environments. When you contract any of these symptoms then you should vacate the premises until the air quality has improved.

Visual Signs

If you notice that they are a lot air particles floating through the air then this is a sign of poor air quality. When inspecting the air filters of your HVAC system and see large build ups of dust and other air particles then this is a visual sign of bad air quality. When breathing the air in an indoor environment and you find it to be stale then you know that your current environment has poor air circulation.

If you contract the previous symptoms listed above and see visual signs then I would strongly suggest leaving that environment and contacting an air quality specialist. I was experiencing both the symptoms and visual signs of poor air quality in my apartment and called a company to come and improve the air quality. By contacting a specialist you will be able to gain control of your environment and improve the quality of air that you breathe in. Ultimately increasing cardiovascular capabilities and increasing life expectancy.

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A Great Plumbing Service Company is Good for Your Health

Everyone knows that drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your health. But did you know there are other great benefits to stay hydrated?

1.       Water Makes You Smarter

In order to keep your brain functioning properly, it requires a lot of oxygen. Drinking water helps you intake higher oxygen levels. This means drinking the recommended 64 or more ounces of water a day can improve your cognitive function. Cognitive skills and abilities include perception, attention, memory, motor skills, language, spatial processing, memory and decision making. This means drinking more water can truly positively impact your life.

Expert Plumbing Repair2.       Water Helps You Lose Weight

Water suppresses your appetite. It also prevents bloating because if your body is getting enough water it won’t retain additional water. This is why most fitness and diet plans suggest drinking more water. In addition water helps your body burn stored fat. When you drink enough water your liver is better able to break down fat and toxins in your body.

3.       Water Keeps You Young

You may notice after consistently drinking enough water that your skin begins to glow and become more radiant. This is because water is helping your body from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water reduces the appearance of fine lines and keeps your skin moisturized.

Our bodies are composed mostly of water and there are numerous health and cosmetic benefits to drinking water. This is why it is important to have a functioning plumbing system in your home. I have my expert plumbers on speed-dial because I know that clean water is essential to my family’s health. Make the investment in clean water for you and your family, you won’t regret it!

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Decrease your Stress

There are many different ways you can increase the health of your body and stay fit, but there are also psychological factors that can affect your health as well. Stress is the number one cause for depression and could also lead to weight gain and insomnia. We do a lot to keep the physical part of our bodies healthy but we don’t do a lot to maintain a healthy physical state. There are many different ways to decrease the amount of stress you have that include products, services, and medication. But there can be great self-initiated changes that you can make to decrease the level of stress in your life.

By altering the environment in which you live in you can create areas to relax and lower your stress level. You can adjust your living environment in many different ways like installing a hot tub or installing new light fixtures to provide softer light.

If you are thinking about installing a hot tub then you will gain a lot of benefits that will lead to lower stress levels. A hot tub uses heat and motion to create a massaging effect on your body. Increasing the amount of blood floor in your body and allowing you to relax. The number one a person always says when describing a hot tub is relaxing and that is a proven benefit. Some doctors recommend short periods of time in a hot to gain these benefits.

Lighting can be a very influential on your stress level and if you have the right lighting in your home you can achieve a lower stress level. If you work in an office all day then you are always under florescent lighting which causes eye strain. By replacing your home lighting to softer lighting then you can create a place that will lower your stress and create a peaceful environment.

You can always create ways in which to decrease your stress level, you just have to take advantage of them.

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Joint Replacement Conservative Treatments

You don’t always need to jump straight into the operation room when a joint starts to hurt. It’s true that there are some wonderfully effective procedures to reduce pain and give you back the mobility you’ve been missing. However, surgery always comes with some risk and often times a real price tag. Here are some conservative treatments that most all doctors and rehabilitation experts will suggest you exhaust before a total joint replacement.

Exercise and Physical Therapy

This is almost always the first non-invasive solution. Contrary to what you might think, inactivity actually worsens damaged joints like hips, knees, and shoulders. A specific program concentrated on safe movements, flexibility, and strength can go a long way towards reducing pain. Massage, ice, deep heat, and other treatments go hand in hand with physical therapy.

Braces and Splints

Using these types of support is one way to add stability to the joints so the work load is more spread out between the joint, muscles, and brace. They should always be fitted by a doctor or orthopedic specialist, as an ill-fitting support can cause more harm than good.


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications can reduce pain by lowering swelling. This allows the joint more space to move freely without increased friction.

If these options aren’t bringing your pain to a manageable level, you should consult your doctor or an orthopedic surgeon to talk about what the best course of action would be for surgery. Hip replacement and knee replacement could be exactly what you need to get you back in an active lifestyle free of pain.

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